About Us

Stockholm Gossip Girls is all about bringing women together! A private club made primarily of women who live in the greater Stockholm area. But more importantly, its members are linked by their outlook, living authentically and achieving success on their own terms . They are talented, creative women from all industries and backgrounds who share similar traits - curiosity, adventurousness, intelligence, affability, generosity, savvy-ness, kindness, inclusiveness, worldliness – and a great sense of humour. 

Contrary to what you may think, gossip hasn't always been considered a bad word. The word gossip first meant godparents or a familiar acquaintance who told of a family's good news and developments.  And that’s what Stockholm Gossip Girls is about, GOOD gossip.

Good gossip creates an environment where members begin to look for the best in each other, building social bonds, business networks, talking, listening, sharing experiences, secrets and stories that are inspiring to one another. Keep it positive!