Why Join?

Stockholm Gossip Girls is about bringing women together from all different backgrounds, with their own unique stories to connect and collaborate.

We have four pillars to our Club:

The fundamental pillar is TOGETHERNESS!

We are committed to providing a balanced and supportive platform for all your endeavours, a position of security from which a diverse community of women can share and thrive.


More than buddies, more than mentors, we are a combination of the two: sharing expertise, sustaining and promoting local businesses, and helping each other to grow our ideas and our careers. We will be hosting seminars, mentoring sessions, networking nights and work with partnering local businesses. 

As a SGG member you have access to exclusive offers and events. And also benefit with special discounts from local businesses.


Come out and play in Stockholm and surrounding areas, from after-works, to themed parties, to picnics, to excursions and more...


Whether it's a concert, a film, a play, a museum or a book, we'd like to share the experience together from time to time.


And last but not least, when great people meet, magical things happen!